School aged

With an increase in confidence, competence and endurance, children aged 5 – 12 establish a lifelong appreciation for safer activity in the water.

The primary program focuses on physical, intellectual and personal development.

Learning outcomes include:

  • Development and refinement of stroke
  • Safe and sensible decision making and problem solving in and around water
  • Personal survival skills
  • Cooperation and respect for others in an aquatic environment.

Teachers assess and progress children through the program based on individual ability.

Primary swim lesson classes are held after school on Monday to Friday and on Saturday and Sunday.

Which level is my child?  


Beginner level for primary school students.


Can consistently demonstrate a torpedo on their front and back.


Can consistently demonstrate a basic understanding of freestyle with breathing and backstroke. 
Can do  basic whip kick on front and back


Can consistently demonstrate 10-15 metres of freestyle and backstroke.
Can consistently demonstrate 25 metres of freestyle and backstroke and 12 metres of survival backstroke. 
Can consistently demonstrate 12 metres of breastroke kick and breathing


Can consistently demonstrate 50 metres of freestyle and backstroke and 25metres of breaststroke.


Can consistently demonstrate 75 metres of all strokes.


Our swim lesson rates are fair and flexible, and are charged fortnightly via direct debit from your bank account.  Enrolment also includes after-class access to the pool for your child and one supervising adult.  

All children deserve the opportunity to learn vital aquatic awareness and survival skills.  The primary aquatic program develops water safety skills in a fun environment where children also develop socially and physically.

We also offer an intensive five-day school holiday program, and our squad programs provide a great introduction to the sport of competitive swimming and training.

Please call us on 9486 7200 for a free assessment or to enrol.