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Adrenaline is a High Intensity Interval Training program designed for everyone, fit or not, to help you reach your fitness goals faster in a fun and challenging team environment. These small group training sessions will be held in our purpose-built functional training zone in the health club. Participants will learn new exercises, use new pieces of equipment and will be challenged in a motivating small group environment lead by our professional and qualified Adrenaline coaches.

Adrenaline consists of 4 workout formats;

Time – BEAT THE CLOCK; complete the circuit as fast as possible.

Tabata – KEEP UP; interval training utilising functional exercises including a cardio or bodyweight burst.

Reps – BE THE BEAST; do a maximum reps in the set time.

Box – CHALLENGE YOURSELF; complete as many rounds as possible in a set time.

Each Session runs for 45 minutes and has a maximum 6 participants. All sessions have a 'teach it', 'do it' and 'beat it' component lasting approximately 12-15 minutes each.

Adrenaline sessions will run at various times during the week so there is a session time that suits everyone.


Health & Wellness members: FREE

Non-members: $20.60

Adrenaline RUSH

At the conclusion of every 2 month block, there will be a RUSH event held for all our Adrenaline participants. The RUSH event will consist of a challenge that will be repeated every 2 months to enable Adrenaline participants to put their training and fitness to the test by trying to beat their previous RUSH score. Stay tuned for the Adrenaline RUSH schedule.

Adrenaline officially launched on Saturday 9th May at 8:30am. See below for full schedule.

Feel free to speak with any of our customer service staff or trainers in the gym about Adrenaline. Call 94867200.


Group Fitness Timetable

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Monday 24 September 2018
Mon 24th September 2018
7:30 PM ADRENALINE (Functional Training Zone) - Daniela 45m
  • Suitable for pre/post natal
  • Suitable for families
  • Suitable for seniors


Mon 24th September 2018
6:15 AM BODYSTEP EXP (Group fitness room) - Mark 45m
6:15 AM CYCLE (Cycle studio) - Steve 45m
7:30 AM AQUA (Pool) - Florencia 45m
8:30 AM AQUA (Pool) - Florence 45m
9:20 AM BODYPUMP (Group fitness room) - Lina 60m
9:30 AM CYCLE (Cycle studio) - Megan 45m
10:40 AM HATHA YOGA (Group fitness room) - Alison 60m
12:15 PM PILATES (Group fitness room) - Carol 60m
5:30 PM BODYPUMP (Group fitness room) - Antoinette 60m
5:30 PM VINYASA YOGA (Wellness Studio) - Rane 45m
5:30 PM CYCLE (Cycle studio) - Maddy 45m
6:30 PM CYCLE (Cycle studio) - Penelope 45m
6:30 PM GRIT STRENGTH (Group fitness room) - Maddy 30m
7:00 PM BODYATTACK (Group fitness room) - Stephane 60m
7:10 PM HIGH ENERGY AQUA (Pool) - Susan 45m
7:30 PM ADRENALINE (Functional Training Zone) - Daniela 45m
8:00 PM PILATES (Group fitness room) - Vicky 60m
8:00 PM Adult Sqim Squad (Pool) - Liam 60m

Contact Details

  • Northcote Aquatic and Recreation Centre
  • 180 Victoria Road
  • Northcote VIC 3070
  • T (03) 9486 7200
  • F (03) 9482 4679
  • Suitable for pre/post natal
  • Suitable for families
  • Suitable for seniors