Health Club

Get active in one of our many group training sessions, a group fitness class, or you can train individually in the Health Club, circuit area or with a Personal Trainer.

Adrenaline Hit

Adrenaline is a High Intensity Interval Training program designed for everyone, fit or not, to help you reach your fitness goals faster, in a fun and challenging team environment.


Group Fitness

Our many group exercise options will keep you motivated, on track and give you a great workout, whatever your fitness level. Whether it’s a Group Fitness class on our timetable or small Group Personal Training with one of our Personal Trainers, we can cater for any number of people.


Personal training

Personal training almost guarantees you will reach your exercise and fitness goals.


Evolt 360

A Body Composition Scan is a quick, non-invasive bioelectrical impedance measurement that can determine various results by different signals in your body. It allows for targeted dietary, exercise and lifestyle advice plans to be developed. The Body Composition Scanner uses bio-electrical currents that measure the impedance or resistance to a signal as it travels through the water that is found…


Functional Movement Screening

Functional Movement Screening is a proven scientific approach to evaluating and enhancing your movement, whatever your fitness level.