Winter retention

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We all know to maintain a skill you have learned over a period of time, you have to use it and use it regularly. Despite the old adage “it’s just like riding a bike”, if you learn a language and don’t practice speaking it for a few weeks, you’ll forget it. All those burpees and crunches you smashed out? That hard work can disappear if you skip training all week long. 
YMCA Swimming Lessons are no different.

Just a single term break from lessons can result in a regression of learning and skills, not to mention emotional development in terms of familiarity and confidence within water environments. In fact – winter is the best time of year to participate. Swimming as a regular exercise strengthens the immune system and can assist in reducing the likelihood of illness during the colder months.

Not to mention that over 30% of all drowning incidents in children aged 5-14 occur in autumn and winter.