Summer Timetable Review

  • Date: 01 February 2019
  • Category: Centre News
group fitness instructor from the back with class

The survey can be found at:


We're currently going through our seasonal process of reviewing our Group Fitness Timetable. Below is the list of classes under review. We want to make changes to suit you so please pass your feedback via our online survey.

Monday 6:15am Body Step

Tuesday 6:15am Yoga

Tuesday 7:30pm Yoga

Tuesday 6:30pm Cycle

Wednesday 6:30pm Meditation

What does it mean when a class is flagged?

It is important to understand that if a class is flagged it does not necessarily mean it is going to be removed from the timetable, but rather we are reviewing it to check there is a demand and consider how it can be improved.

A flagged class can be under review for one of many potential reasons:

  • Struggling to find an instructor to fill the class
  • Class attendance is low so there is potential to change the class to benefit more participants
  • There has been feedback requesting a review of that timeslot

How is target attendance considered?

We look at what other classes are on at the same time as well as comparing average attendance between similar class types and times.

When and where do I go to complete the survey?

There will be a link on our website which leads you to a two minute survey which will give everyone the opportunity to pass on their thoughts. You will be able to complete the survey from Wednesday 1st February until Sunday the 3rd March.


The survey can be found at:

You will be able to see the changes taking place from Wednesday 6th March. The changes will be effective from Monday 11th of March.