Out With The Old In With The New

  • Date: 29 September 2016
  • Category: Centre News
out with the old

We are very pleased to announce that the brand new water heating system for the outdoor pool was installed yesterday and now in operation! The days of substantial fluctuations in outdoor pool temperatures are behind us.

This upgrade not only includes the installation of a new boiler, but also the entire pool water heating system has been changed over to a far more reliable and consistent system. 

Intallation was finalised yesterday (Wednesday 28th October 2016).

For those of you who would like to know......

The new boiler is a high efficiency condensing boiler, it has nearly twice the capacity of the old boiler, and is nearly 30% more efficient. Not only does this high efficiency mean fast heating of the pool water, but we will also see substantial reductions in our gas usage and emissions.

 This project was funded through Darebin Council’s capital improvement funding for Northcote Aquatic & Recreation Centre.