Group fitness classes that need your support

  • Date: 24 April 2015
  • Category: Centre News
  • Author: Tom Gavran
group fitness instructor from the back with class

Here's your chance to tell us what group fitness classes you want to see on our next timetable release. Click on the right link to complete our short survey.

As part of our ongoing commitment to meet the needs of our community, we have identified that a number of group fitness classes need your support. Vote with your feet and support your favourite instructors and classes.

We have determined that the classes listed below are below optimal attendance and therefore are under review. If attendances don't increase, they may be altered in some way or be removed from the timetable. This may mean new class offerings, new instructors, new times and new challenges, all key ingredients to keeping our timetable current, interesting and of course beneficial. So vote with your feet today and every other day in the coming weeks.

Aquatic Classes

  • Aqua Monday 9:30am

  • High Energy Aqua Monday 7:10pm

  • High Energy Aqua Tuesday 7:10pm

  • High Energy Aqua Thursay 9:30am

Cycle Classes

  • Monday 4:30pm

  • Monday 5:30pm

  • Monday 7:30pm

  • Monday 8:30pm

  • Tuesday 6:15am

  • Tuesday 7:30pm

  • Wednesday 10:40am

  • Thursday 4:30pm

  • Thursday 7:30pm

  • Friday 6:15am

  • Saturday 8am

Group Fitness Classes

  • BodyStep Express Monday 6:15am

  • BodyPump Express 4:30pm

  • BodyStep Monday 7:30pm

  • Boxing Fitness Tuesday 10:40am

  • BodyVive Tuesday 1:15pm

  • BodyPump Express Tuesday 2:30pm

  • BodyStep Wednesday 6pm

  • BodyStep Thursday 6:30pm

  • Boxing Blitz Thursday 7pm

  • CXWorx Thursday 7:30pm

  • Zumba Thursday 8pm

  • BodyPump Friday 6:30pm

  • BodyVive Saturday 11:15am

  • TorsoTone Sunday 9am