Footy Tipping 2019

  • Date: 25 February 2019
  • Category: Centre News
MOT NARC Footy tipping web

Football season is nearly here so why not join NARC's 2019 AFL footy tipping competition and see if you can beat the YMCA staff and raise funds for Open Doors.  

Who can enter?

Absolutely anyone and everyone may enter, that includes members and guests.


First prize is 50% of entry cash pool. Second is 30%. Third is 10% with the remaining 10% going towards Open Doors.

How does it work each week? 

Tips are entered each week on  Once entered, all entrants will recieve details with the league name and code which are used to enter the competition.  The last 3 rounds of the season are hidden.

Where can you register?

Entry is $15 and please see customer service.

When do you need to register by? 

The start of the season is not far away, so register ASAP (however late entries are allowed until March 31st which is the end of round 2 and will receive away tips).