Centre Upgrades

  • Date: 03 June 2015
  • Category: Centre News
  • Author: Bek Smith
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You may have noticed some tradesmen around the centre over the last few months and we wanted to thank you for your patience, and share with you what we have done so far and what is still to come.

We’ve had some fun creating a new Functional Training Zone in the gym and purchased some new equipment which has also allowed us to introduce Adrenaline, a high intensity training program.  The cycle room has had 2 new air conditioners installed to keep the room cool during those intense classes.  Our children’s services room has had a fresh coat of paint, along with the indoor pool hall, the hallways and we’ve just started on the front of the building.  We've installed some new handrails leading into the indoor pool hall and purchased some new hydrotherapy and swimming lessons equipment, including some deep water running belts to come soon.  We’ve also upgraded the perimeter fencing and finished installing high rise safety access for contractors working on our roof.

We’re now excited to tell you about what other improvements we have planned over the next few months;

  • A complete refit of the steam room

  • The men’s and women’s change rooms will be getting some repairs and a little makeover

  • 5 new quick change cubicles for the indoor pool hall (including a family size cubicle)

  • New turf will be installed on the hill in the outdoor pool area

  • The family change room will be getting a full refurbishment

    • New toilet, sink, mirrors, tiles, flooring, paint, shower head and curtain

  • New cardio equipment will arrive in the gym in July/August

  • ‘Soft Fall’ will be installed in the outdoor training area (we’re removing the tan bark) and creating more space with another ‘soft fall’ area

  • The pool plant rooms are also getting some upgrades

  • We’ll have people working on the roof’s to try and fix the leaks as well.